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Tanks for the raids

by Starde, 9 days ago

Weekday Raids

Tanks: Wrecksoul and Luzifer (if enough healers), if not Tubbytubtub will tank.

Healers: Rgasys, Rixaamira, Rootie, and Starde (if not enough healers)


Weekend Raids

Tanks: Tubbytubtub and Fenien

Healers: unknown


These changes were made my Kaylreia (Raid Leader) and Guild Officers approved it.

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Emerald Nightmare Boss Kill Order

by Starde, 32 days ago

These are the Bosses that will we kill in order in the Emerald Nightmare Raid


NORMAL                                                                    HEROIC

1.  Nythendra                                                               1. Nythendra

2. Ursoc                                                                       2. Elerethe Renferal

3. Elerethe Renferal                                                     3. Il’gynoth

4. Il'gynoth                                                                  4. Ursoc

5. Dragons of Nightmare                                            5. Dragons of Nightmare

6. Cenarius                                                                  6. Cenarius

7. Xavius                                                 7. Xavius


Mythic Boss kill order will come out once we get done with heroic difficulty


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Boss Strats
Il'gynoth - Normal
Il'gynoth is the fourth boss in normal and third in heroic in the Emerald Nightmare Raid Instance.
More Info
About Our Guild

Our guild was established in 2009 shortly after the Garrosh server opened. Some of us came from Icecrown where the Tribe was first established. We had a miss fortune around December of 09 where the guild was hacked and it was disbanded by a hacker , but that didn't stop us, the tribe was back in a matter of days . For current raids(see raid times below) . We are looking for more raiders (at least of the age of 18) with attention to details and raid awareness. If you like a smaller guild with friendly but "crazy"players that like to have fun, then we are for you. We also have some players that like to PVP in our guild, but we are not a PVP guild neither are we a lvling guild. We understand that "real life" comes first. WoW is a game and it's meant to be fun. If you are interested in join, please fill out our guild application, or whisper a guild officers in game. Thanks for checking us out.

Dyama  GM (Savemedemon/Òpràwìndfùrý )

I have been playing wow sinse late BC , i started out as a hunter on a trial account and been playing my lock sinse then so give and take 8 years , I have a couple more alts but Dyama was my main for 6 years , I switch my main over from time to time as for now Savemedemon is my main a shadowpriest. I'm original from Germany , but living in the US, like Wicasa stated we been sharing the dutys of GM and Co GM over the years. When it comes to raiding i share the same ideas and values as my husband Wicasa , I am a easy going person but i have no problem putting my foot where it belongs and say what i have to say , i do not sugar coat things .

Starde CO-GM (Wicasa/Kynn/Roastdnutz)

I've been playing WoW for over 8-9 years. I started off playing on a paladin in BC and WoTLK. Move to a mage / priest in Cata. Then, a shaman in MoP. Finally, move to druid as main but still play shaman, monk, and mage. I know how to play most of the classes in WoW. So I am some what knowledgeable of the game, and how it works. I help run the guild for over 5 years. I was either GM or CO-GM, with my wife (Dyama) switching back in forth. I have leadership abilities. I don't play kiddie games with it comes to raiding and some aspects of the game or the guild.


Guild and Raiding Guidelines

by Cragspider, 444 days ago

 Guild Guidelines

1. You must be at least 18 yrs. of age.
2. You need to act mature. We have many members with varied views of appropriate conversation. Keep it clean in open chat channels.
3. We expect you to treat others with courtesy & respect in public game forums including trade, raid, party, and guild chats. Your behavior reflects on the guild as well as yourself. 
4. Leave personal issues (drama) out of the guild public chat/forums. This includes big egos, excessive trash talking of others & other guild disrupting actions. 
5. Leave negative racial and/or gender comments out of guild chat. 
6. Asking for help is fine. Begging or guilt trips for help are not appropriate. Do not abuse or misuse guild member generosity.
7. If you have an issue with another member's behavior, please bring up the issue with one of the officers/guild leaders.
8. We are a raiding guild, but not "hard core". We expect participation by all guild members in some way to help the guild. This can take many forms which do not involve raiding at all.
9. We want people who are a good fit for our guild. After attempts at correction any future disruptive, destructive, disrespectful or combative behavior will be met with guild removal.
10. If you remove an item from the guild bank please put something in for its exchange. i.e. gold or mats for raiding items. Would be appreciated.
11. If you make items for a guild member, you may ask for some mats but if you don't ask for mats. Don't except any mats in return.
12. If you leave the guild on your main toon, then the rest of your alts go with.




1. Register on the website. You need to do this to read and post to the Forums.
2. We strongly encourage use of a wow authenticator to protect yourself and the guild from hackers.
3. Join our GameVox chat regularly. (download client:
 www.gamevox.com) We often talk there, which does not show in the guild chat channel in WoW. Use push-to-talk to reduce background noises for your fellow guild members.
4. If you have questions, ask.


1. Review all encounters up to 2-3 bosses past current progression at least once per week. 
2. Check guild website for current strategies for fights.
3. Offer strategy suggestions on the website.
4. Sign up on the Game Calendar for the events you will attend. Calendar events will be locked out 1 hour before event time.
5. Know your spec stat priority & which bosses drop what gear that's best for your character's spec(s).
6. Have proper gems and enchants on your gear.
7. Do what you can to "gear up" & get familiar with encounters outside of guild raid time.
8. Have an appropriate number of flasks (3+), potions (20+) & stacks of food (20+).
9. Meet the expected ilevel and other benchmarks expected for raiders.
10. Don't join the raid without raid leader permission if you are not prepared.
11. Don't do PUGs which will leave you locked out of guild raid events planned for the week.


Raid Time
1. Join GameVox. You must be able to hear raid instructions. Talk is not a requirement, but push-to-talk is required if talk is enabled.
2. Be available 15 minutes before posted raid start time, preferably outside the instance entry.
3. Watch guild chat for the "raid forming call" & take appropriate action.
4. Get to the raid instance entry within 5 minutes of raid invite. Don't rely on summons.
5. Fully repair gear before entering the instance.
6. Be ready for the raid leader to ask you to change to a needed spec or class.


During Encounters
1. Chat: Unless approved by the raid leader, you should only be listening (not talking).
2. Roles: Perform your assigned role to the best of your ability.
3. Awareness: Movement and other actions are required during raids. Learn and adapt to make jobs of others easier.



Post Encounter
1. Criticism: Everyone must be open to constructive criticism. 
2. Feedback: The raid leader may want feedback from groups, classes or individuals. Be honest and respectful of others with answers.
3. Under performing raid members may be removed from the raid for the good of the team.

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Guild Rank ResponsibilitiesFeed Icon

Rank Responsibilities

by Starde, 209 days ago

Rank Responsibilities

Head Chief (Guild Leader):

            Guild Leader/Master is the main leadership position of the guild. The Guild Leader/Master stewards the core values of the guild, promoting, creativity, curiosity, collaboration, and encouragement.


War Chief (Co-gm):

            War-Chief has the same responsibilities as an officer with the same responsibilities of the Guild Leader/Master. Also work towards guild recruitment and planning guild activities. He/she may delegate responsibilities to other officers in the guild for the betterment of the guild.


Tribal Council (Guild Officer):

            Guild Leader/Master responsibilities, can’t be done alone, and the title (sadly) can’t be shared. The Guild Officer represents the member of the guild who is the third in command. Guild Officer is in direct consultation with the Guild Leader/Master, works to provide leadership and promote community development. They may also assist (not providing) members in acquiring weapons and armor so they are properly equipped. They assist the Guild Leader/Master to complete guild events/duties that need to be done if they can. Even the Guild Leader/Master needs to have fun in the game. Officers are selected by the GM/L with the consultation of the guild officers.


Raid Leader (Raid Leader):

             The Raid Leader (RL) has the responsibilities of setting up raids for the raiders, sending out invites for raids (if not there Co-RL will get things started), and leading the raids. The RL is the only person that should be talking while the raiders are fighting bosses, with the exception when the RL tell certain people to communicate. RL does not have the same responsibilities as the Guild Officers, but with only one exception. That RL must attend all Officers meeting if raiding is a subject.


Warrior (Raider):

            The Warrior is someone that is commented to raiding. The responsibilities are the same as Elder but also have the responsibility to show up to raids.  To obtain or restore this rank you are required to to have perfect raid attendance for 3 weeks. To maintain the rank you need to show up 5 out of 6 day in the last two weeks of raiding once you get the rank. Members on “Trail for Raiding” may have the rank delayed by the Raid Leader with the coordination of Guild Leader and Officer.


 Elder (Senior Member):

            Are members who have dedicated themselves to the betterment of the guild and shown a willingness to participate constructively will be promoted to Senior Member. To get the raider rank, members and/or senior members must be commented to their raiding groups.


Scout (Member):

            Members form the base of our guild. Becoming an Member relies heavily on the guild interaction and participation, it requires a two-week waiting process as an Recruit before moving up to this status. To get the next rank members must prove that they have longevity with the guild.




            The lowest rank, but still one of the more important, the Recruits are put through a two-week “Trial Membership” process. In this time, their overall participation with other members will be monitored to ensure that they have no malicious intent, and that they get along with everyone. Recruits have no obligation to stay with us, and can leave at any time they wish.

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